Rally of electric vehicles on public roads of Europe

Calling all electric car fans and owners! EV Trophy is heading your way! With stops in 7 countries, enter to compete over the entire route for the rally or join at any stage to promote green mobility and eco-friendly values.


No. Team name Total time Charge time Penalty
20 Team electromaps 26:23:29 26:36:40 00:00:00
10 GREEN VICTORY 27:31:44 12:44:24 00:05:00
01 UBG 29:36:38 13:18:56 00:00:00
99 INSAKO 29:52:39 11:15:28 00:00:00
05 Team Ukraine 33:13:04 22:06:50 00:00:00
11 Hansen & Christiansen 34:37:18 10:03:45 00:00:00


15 May, 2017
EV Trophy - App Guide
Kiev – Monte Carlo 2015, Ostrawa
May 22 - June 3, 2015
Lviv - Monte Carlo
1 March, 2017
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June 01, 2017

EV Trophy got to the final destination

Participants of EV Trophy got to the final destination of the rally Copenhagen - Monte Carlo. The race has become a real challenge for the teams which passed 2500 km in 7 days and visited 6 countries.   The teams faced exciting adventures, unexpected incidents and got unforgettable impressions. They...

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May 29, 2017

Green City Freiburg

EV Trophy visited one of the most greenest cities in Europe famous for a huge amount of its sustainable projects. It is with some justification that Freiburg regards itself as one of the birthplaces of the environmental movement. Freiburg‘s sustainability process began as far back as the 1970s. It e...

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May 28, 2017

European Green Capital 2017

EV Trophy Copenhagen - Monte Carlo keeps visiting sustainable cities of  Europe on the route of the rally. Green Capital 2017 German city Essen  is the the most eco-friendly city in North Rhine-Westphalia, because many citizens have made an effort to foster and cultivate green areas. One of the most...

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Thinking about future

The pressing question of reducing greenhouse gas emissions brings electric vehicles to the forefront of XXI century transportation. The participants and supporters of EV Trophy are blazing a trail for a sustainable future, making e-mobility an overall goal.


Electrical efficiency

Participants from very different countries, owners of varied models of electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrids will face the challenge to travel across Europe and compete in their driving ability and inventiveness.


Uniting enthusiasts

EV Trophy unites like-minded enthusiasts to raise the awareness about electric mobility. EV Trophy brings closer public and private sector to support energy saving for people’s well-being.


Promote eco friendly mobility and green lifestyle
Encourage the development of charging infrastructure
Present sustainable and innovative solutions in transportation


Andriy Bilyy

The global mission of reducing CO2 emissions throws down a gage to the world community. That is why the question of switching to smarter and efficient transport becomes the higher priority for the whole humanity nowadays.

A lot of people believe electric cars are and should be the future. Rallies like EV Trophy prove already today that people can drive electric cars anytime and anywhere reducing their carbon footprint pushing the industry to realize that there are no wrongs with EVs, only rights!
Rafael De Mestre
EV movement evangelist
The symphony of life consists of various scales and moods. Some of us contribute on a minor scale by polluting the environment, while others devote their lives to promoting eco-friendly technologies and transportation and teaching people a greener lifestyle, thus adding on a major scale and making the music optimistic. I dream of a happy and green future and strongly support the EV Trophy as a forerunner of this cause!
Oksana Lyniv
cultural Ambassador of EV Trophy, conductor of Graz Opera House
It's an excellent initiative to promote awareness of electric cars across Europe! It is a great opportunity to showcase the high performance that electric cars have nowadays. I am very happy about this partnership between Venturi Automobiles and the EV Trophy. I cannot wait to see all the cars arrive at the Prince's Palace in Monaco.
Maro Engel
Venturi Formula E pilot
I am proud to be part of this Rally, it is a great idea. Driving across Europe with an electric car demonstrates the forward thinking of both Venturi Automobiles and the EV Trophy. This is exactly what we want to show in the worldwide Formula E championship as well.
Stéphane Sarrazin
Venturi Formula E pilot


EV TROPHY is an annual rally with a new, innovative format.

  • 2017
    Copenhagen - Monte Carlo
  • 2016
    Lviv - Monte Carlo
  • 2015
    Kyiv - Monte Carlo

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May 24: Copenhagen – Aarhus;

May 25: Aarhus – Hamburg;

May 26: Hamburg – Nijmegen;

May 27: Nijmegen – Essen;

May 28: Essen – Freiburg;

May 29: Freiburg – Bellinzona;

May 30: Bellinzona – Torino – Cuneo;

May 31: Cuneo – Monaco;

June 1: Official ceremony in Monaco.

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March 11, 2017

Poster Monaco
March 14, 2017


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