EV Trophy in Hamburg Georgswerder Energy Hill

May 26, 2017

In Hamburg the participants of EV Trophy visited Georgswerder Energy Hill.  This unique place  is  a very good example of renewable energy generation. It supplies around 4000 households with electricity using wind power and solar energy.

After World War II the flat grasslands in this place were piled up with rubble and domestic waste, later followed by toxic industrial waste including lacquer and paint. In 1979 the landfill was officially closed down, but in 1983 it became clear that highly toxic dioxins were escaping from the foot of the artificial hill and seeping into the groundwater. The landfill and the ground beneath it were made safe at great cost, in close collaboration with the Georgswerder Working Group and residents from the surrounding area. The site was then covered with a plastic sealing sheet and topsoil, before the first wind turbines were erected. The groundwater is protected by extensive technical measures to this day.

This landfill  now serves as  a reminder of necessity to care about nature.  In the past  it was piled up with waste and nowadays this green object attracts many visitors.