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May 16, 2017

It's only 7 days left until the teams from all over Europe will compete in EV Trophy showing their driving ability  and inventiveness.

Following eco-friendly principles, the participants will go on an adventurous journey passing seven  European countries and inspiring everyone with their vision of sustainable development.

The following teams will compete for the main prize on the route Copenhagen – Monte Carlo: 


Team Insako Croatia  - Tesla model X

Team eDrive Island (Sylt island) - BMW i8

Team Electromaps (Spain) - Tesla model S

Team UBG  (Ukraine) - Tesla model S

Team H Club (Ukraine) - Renault Zoe

Team Hansen & Christiansen (Denmark) - Tesla model S

Team Renault – Renault Zoe


Different EV's will join the participants on the way. Some of them will take challenge going until the end of the route, some will only drive one or two stages.


Join EV Trophy  and support the participants!