Meet the EV Trophy web application

May 09, 2017

The 2017-th edition of EV Trophy is just behind the corner and we are happy to announce that our EVTrophy web app is ready to go! We made a successful test-drive through the route and here is your guide how to use this app. We will show how easy it is to start, check-in at the checkpoints and finish the stage.

At first, when the race begin, at the specified time and in the right place, you should press the “Start” button. After that journey timer will start. When you will reach one of the checkpoints, system will ask you to upload a photo. It means that you should stop nearby and find a recognizable spot. After that take a photo and check-in with the EVTrophy app.


Most of the check-points will not require a photo upload. Be aware and read all information about checkpoints which will be provided before the race start. Carefully examine the distance to a check-point.


While your team will be driving through the route, organizers and spectators could watch your progress on the map, places you have already checked-in and your route timings.

And of course, don’t forget to check-in when you reach the finish point!