Key rules of EV Trophy 2017 Copenhagen – Monte Carlo


EV Trophy rally of electric vehicles on public roads of Europe with respecting regular traffic rules.
The purpose of the EV Trophy is to promote of innovative technology vehicles designed to conserve energy and emit the smallest possible quantities of pollutants and CO2. It is also aimed at encouraging drivers to change their driving habits, giving priority to the protection of the environment and to the sustainability of the transport sector through the use of alternative fuels and electricity as their vehicle’s propelling energy sources.
It is important to highlight the fact that EV Trophy is not “speed” competition and that consequently there is no need for any specific safety equipment for the participating vehicles and their crews. All Electric, Plug-in Hybrid and Alternative Fuel vehicles officially registered to drive on the public roads are eligible to participate.

Any person, or legal entity, wishing to participate to the event must fill in entry form at the official website of the event.
The submission of the entry form will constitute the proof that the entrant and the crew members have agreed to respect all the regulations applicable to the event.

Participants will be allocated their participation numbers and these should remain intact and clearly visible during the whole event. The side door signs bearing the competition number will also contain the name of the Event and the logos of organizers and sponsor

Team documents:
A team comprises one driver and one co-driver, or one driver and one navigator. Both must be a holder of the following documents:
– Driving license
– International insurance
- Valid Schengen Visa (if necessary)
- Smartphone with Internet connection in Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, France, Monaco.

Event’s publicity:
All participants, by entering the event, authorize the organizers to make free use of their names and of names of their team members and of their vehicles’ data into event reports and press releases. They also declare their consent in respect of any publicity material that may be issued by the organizers and to which reference of their names and of their vehicles data will be made.

Advertising Promotion and Publicity

Any participant who is supported by a commercial firm, the trademarks of which will be displayed on his vehicle or on the crew clothing, is obliged to declare this to the organizer, asking for his approval at the time the entry form is submitted. The only reason for this is the avoidance of any advertising of products or services that are not in line with the aims of the event.

Running the EVENT

The EV Trophy 2017 will be managed by mobile web-application that will be available to your team in your evtrophy dashboard.

The detailed layout of the event, the exact distances from city to city and addresses of the start/finish locations will be clearly indicated in the application of the event, the access to the mobile application will be given a few weeks before the start of event.